Listen to Deadboy's Halloween Mix

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A defining characteristic of UK producer Deadboy's music is the melodic warmth he builds around his use of female vocal samples. Deadboy's tracks not only display affection, they can also sound afflicted. "U Cheated" is as forlorn as it is lovely, the song's bassline the accusation and the vocal snippets the sense of loss. Deadboy's skillful exploration of dark and light continues, albeit in a totally different way, on this special Halloween mix he posted to his Soundcloud earlier this week. Though there is no official tracklist, the mix features artists like the Zombie Flesh Eaters, Suspiria, and The Fog while lurking through 50 minutes of goth, macabre poem recitals, and synth-punk, with many songs featuring the requisite Halloween scream, chant, or evil laugh. Make sure to put this on during possible weekend activities like face painting, the seduction of housemaids, or self-loathing. Stream the mix below.

Halloween mix 2010 by Deadboy