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Hillary Clinton Asks About Your Gaming Habits. Kinda.
Former first lady, current Presidential candidate, and long-time adversary of the videogame industry, Hillary Clinton, has seemingly decided to stop alienating people who play games and instead, *gasp*, reach out to them, albeit minimally.

In a recent poll on her website, among dozens of other banal questions like “Which of the following celebrity supporters would you most like to win time with?” (Rob Reiner and Chevy Chase are on the list…), Big Hill asks:

“Which of the following have you visited or played online?”

- SimCity
-Second Life
- Other
- None of the Above
- Don’t Know

Okay, so she isn’t really digging deeper than the soccer-mom demographic here, but at least we know she, or, more likely, someone on her campaign, is thinking about gamers, something that probably wasn’t on too many presidential hopefuls mind’s the last time around.

Is she planning to set up a Second Life (pictured above) account and plaster her grill all over people’s island estates? If she could be convinced to dress up in a Master Chief costume or do some Wii Bowling with senior citizens, then my vote is as good as hers.

Small-time Titles like Halo 3, Mass Effect, Super Mario Galaxy OK!
If you want to sell millions of copies of a game this year, it appears that space is indeed the place.

The latest NPD (the group that tracks game sales) numbers show that Halo 3 has sold a tremendous 5 million copies since its release at the end of September. I have not seen the latest figures, but I know there maybe a little more than 10 million Xbox 360’s out there at the moment, so it’s safe to say Halo 3 is the 360 title to beat.

It was also announced this week that the galactic epic Xbox 360 title, Mass Effect (one of the most amazing RPGs we have played), has sold over 1 million copies in 3 weeks, as did Super Mario Galaxy (maybe the most fun Mario game of all time), for the Wii.

Call of Duty 4 Kid Busted For Online Threat
In a case of “don’t say dumb shit on a public forum,” 19-year old college student, Allieu Shaw, playing Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox Live online service, stated he would start “shooting up” his Maryland school and began laying out how his killing spree would go down.

The young dumbass was quickly reported and apprehended by the local authorities, who worked with Microsoft to track him down. Naturally, the little shit clarified the incident by saying he was “only joking” and had no intention of carrying out an attack.

Shaw faces a maximum penalty of one-year in jail or a fine of up to $5,000. Idiot.