LoDubs Launches Kickstarter Fundraiser for New Clubroot and Swarms LPs

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It's no secret that the music industry can be a difficult place to conduct business, as financial matters can easily get in the way of the best of artistic intentions. Jonathan Klote (a.k.a. Jon A.D.), the man behind Portland's LoDubs imprint, recently found himself in such a situation, and has turned to the internet for help. The label responsible for releasing the likes of dubwise producers Clubroot, Starkey, DJG, and Swarms recently fell into a dispute with its long-time US distributor, leaving Klote and the LoDubs family without the capital to release the next Clubroot and Swarms LPs. Seeking to move ahead, they have turned to Kickstarter as a way to get the imprint back on its feet. If you find yourself in a place to donate to the record label, you could receive a number of different items depending on the amount you give—including digital downloads of unreleased music (two exclusive EPs with new tunes from Clubroot, Swarms, Pocz & Pacheko, 6Blocc, Jaybird, and more), CDs, special-edition color LPs, LoDubs' entire discography, and much more. You can check out the all of the details and donate to the cause here, and check out a video outlining the campaign below.