LOL Boys' Markus Garcia Shares New Solo Work

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Former LOL Boy Markus Garcia has returned from the shadows with a new moniker and some fresh material. After releasing the Changes EP and calling it quits with fellow LOL Boy Jerome Potter (now known as Jerome LOL, who recently told us a story for our Trainwreck series), Garcia moved from Montreal to Vancouver, and reappeared with four new tracks under the name Heartbeat(s). "Les Bois" comes off like a darker take on his work with Potter, with a sparkly melody and moody undertones, while "Our Sleepless Dreams" has a driving intensity ground into the steady house beat. "Let Yr Body" and "All Hexes" are the two extremes: The former being the catchiest of the bunch, with a sticky vocal sample and pulsing low end, while "All Hexes" guns for an un-LOL Boy-like aggro-techno aesthetic. You can stream and download Garcia's new music below.