Lone, James Blake, Untold, Pariah, and More to Be Featured on R&S Comp

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Picking up where it left off with the 22-year-old In Order to Dance compilation series, Belgium's excellent R&S Records has announced it will drop IOTDXI (pictured above) on October 31. The eleventh installation of this compilation is a two-disc, 22-track collection that brings together 12 previously heard gems and 10 unreleased tunes from the likes of Pariah, Lone, Bullion, Untold, Blawan, Space Dimension Controller, Model 500, James Blake, Vondelpark, and The Chain, among others. Before IOTDXI is released at the end of next month, you can check out the full tracklist, along with a new tune from The Chain, below.

Disc One:
1. Pariah - Safehouses
2. Model 500 - OFI (Bullion's Rivertrance Mix)
3. The Chain - Lostwithiel
4. Lone - Coreshine Voodoo
5. James Blake - CMYK
6. Pariah - Orpheus
7. Untold - Stereo Freeze
8. James Blake - I Only Know (What I Know Now)
9. Cloud Boat - Lions On The Beach
10. Blawan - Bohla
11. Space Dimension Controller - Transatlantic Landing Bay
12. Vondelpark - Camels

Disc Two (Exclusives):
1. Space Dimension Controller - The Birth of a Feeling
2. Lone - Cobra
3. Blawan - Shader
4. Pariah - Left Unsaid
5. Bullion - Ralph
6. Klaus - Tarry
7. Untold - U-29
8. The Chain - Suffer For Your Art

9. Pariah - Orpheus (Oneohtrix Point Never Subliminal Cops Edit)
10. Airhead - Lightmeters