LuckyMe Announces EP from Obey City

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One of the heads of the Astro Nautico label and party series, Brooklyn-based DJ/producer Obey City recently signed to high-profile Glasgow label LuckyMe, who will release his debut EP next month. Called Champagne Sounds, the record highlights the producer's extremely current, genre-bending diversity, presenting a series of R&B-inflected dance tracks that in some ways aren't far off from the gossamer, hyper-colored sounds of Hudson Mohawke or Rustie. Obey City's EP is set to drop on August 8, with follow-up vocal EP Merlot Sounds said to be planned for later this year. In the meantime, Champagne Sounds' artwork and tracklist can be found below, alongside a sample of the release.

A1 Reflect Effect
A2 Quantum Phase
A3 Tell Her
B1 Uptown Pumps
B2 Cyber Stream
B3 Fallin