M83 Announces New Album


It's not even January and Frenchman Anthony Gonzales has announced the release and tracklisting of a new album, Saturdays = Youth, under his M83 moniker. The goods are slated to drop April 15, 2008 on Mute.

For this, his fifth studio album, Gonzales enlisted the help of Ken Thomas (Sigur Rós) and Ewan Pearson (Tracey Thorn) for the production, and from what we've heard of the album, he must have needed a cathartic dose of big room sound after September's lush, gentle Digital Shades release. Tracks off the new album still contain those escalating synthesizer progressions Gonzales is known for, but in a much heavier, more aggressive fashion.

1. You, Appearing
2. Kim & Jessie
3. Skin of the Night
4. Graveyard Girl
5. Couleurs
6. Up!
7. We Own the Sky
8. Highway of Endless Dreams
9. Too Late
10. Dark Moves of Love
11. Midnight Souls Still Remain