Makeness Announces Debut Album, Loud Patterns

'Loud Patterns' will land on April 6 via Secretly Canadian.
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Makeness, real name Kyle Molleson, will soon release his debut album, Loud Patterns, coming out April 6 on Secretly Canadian.

Loud Patterns is noticeably indebted to house and techno; there are 4/4 rhythms, and a no-nonsense directness that harks back to the Detroit pioneers. Channeling avant-garde experimentalism and an outsider’s interest in pop, Molleson embraces the distance between those two poles.

The album arrives after a series of releases that have established his particular, in-between approach to dance-minded music. He put out two EPs on Manchester-based imprint Handsome Dad, a one-off single with Adult Jazz, and self-released Temple Works EP; Whities also released a limited-edition white label of a Minor Science dub of one of his tracks.

Along with today’s announcement, Makeness is sharing a video for his new single, “Stepping Out Of Sync.”

“"Stepping Out Of Sync," for me is about losing a little bit of a grip on reality,” says Kyle. “There’s a big nod to the world of pop music in the track and I wanted to reflect that in the video too. Joshua and Felix, who directed the video, came up with this great time splicing technique using a custom three-camera rig. The idea was to use the technique as a character in the video to add a sense of detachment from reality and subtly invert the upbeat aspect of the music. I had also been talking to my friend Maddie who is a brilliant dancer about working on some choreography for the video. These aspects seemed to come together perfectly when Joshua and Felix started sending ideas across. I think the video really captures the range of emotions that exist in the track, it’s upbeat and positive aspect alongside a layer of dissonance and confusion that lies under the surface.”


01. Loud Patterns
02. Fire Behind The 2 Louis
03. Who Am I To Follow Love
04. Stepping Out Of Sync
05. Gold Star
06. The Bass Rock
07. Day Old Death
08. Rough Moss
09. Our Embrace
10. 14 Drops
11. Motorcycle Idling

Loud Patterns will land on April 6 via Secretly Canadian.