Marcos Cabral Drops Double-LP via L.I.E.S.

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The other half of Jacques Renault's Runaway project, Marcos Cabral has released a double-LP compiled from cassette experiements originally produced between 1998 and 2000. Out now via the prolific L.I.E.S. label, Cabral's False Memories album covers four sides of vinyl with a diverse range of electronic music resulting from the artist's earliest production experiments. "I knew nothing about 'making' music at [the] time," Cabral explains of the origins of the album material in a press release. "[I] was using this fairly primitive looping program called Acid. I just started recording my crappy Roland MC-303 into my computer and would just mash loops together over and over." The full tracklist and artwork for False Memories and a "long mix" of album cut "Solid Nature" can be found below.

A1 Downhill
A2 Homemade Muffler
A3 Pressed for Time
A4 Solid Nature

B1 North Carolina
B2 Music for Driving
B3 Unusually Early
C1 Repaired Clocks
C2 New Home
C3 Countdown Interlude
C4 Juke the Box
D1 Virginia
D2 Broken Clocks
D3 Failing Liver