Matthew Dear and Ghostly Create a New Way to Buy Music

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For those of us still reeling from our first viewing of Inception, the word "totem" can only mean one thing. We won't reiterate that here, so as to avoid a spoiler possibility, but now it's time that we make room in our minds for totem to mean something else entirely. In the weeks leading up to the release of Matthew Dear's new full-length album, Black City, the consistently innovative Ghostly label has teamed with NY-based design team Boym Partners to produce what they are calling "a proposal, an entreaty to listeners everywhere to reconsider our relationship to music in the digital era." The object, which you can see in the video above, was made to represent the themes of Dear's forthcoming opus, reference an element of his conceptual city's skyline, and serve as an actual conduit for the music itself. In addition to granting its owner access to the album and exclusive portions of, the totem will also reveal a track not available on the standard release. You can snag your own hand-crafted, limited-edition piece for $125 at the Ghostly store when they go on sale Tuesday, August 3.