Mick Wills and DJ Fett Burger Tapped for Hunee Remixes

'Hunch Music Remixes' will see release via Rush Hour in April.
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Mick Wills and DJ Fett Burger have been enlisted to remix two cuts from Hunee's debut album from last year titled; Hunch Music. Hunee (a.k.a. Hun Choi,) is known to be an avid vinyl collector and was invited by Rush Hour to curate a retrospective of Soichi Terada's Far East Recordings, in early 2015. Both Hunch Music and Sounds From The Far East, were extremely well received, establishing Choi as a respected producer.

You can hear the two new cut previews on the player, below.


A Hunee - Hiding The Moon (Mick Wills Remix)
B Hunee - Crossroads (DJ Fett Burger's Boss Brian Computer Mix)

Hunch Music Remixes will land via Rush Hour in April 2016.