Midland Preps New EP for Aus

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It has almost been two years since Midland first appeared on Aus alongside the man who was then pumping out tracks as Ramadanman. (As you likely know, these days, he's more commonly referred to as Pearson Sound.) Since then, the London producer has made quite the reputation for himself with a series of singles and remixes, and appears poised to continue doing so with plans to drop a new EP, Placement, for Aus later this month. Following up on the "Through Motion" b/w "Shelter" single he dropped on the imprint last year, Midland has put together a four-track record that is said to continue the man's "conversation between techno, house, garage, and beyond." Following the release of the Placement EP on March 26, Aus has shared the news that both Motor City Drum Ensemble and Lone are prepping remixes for a separate Midland 12", which should see a release in April. For now, you can check the artwork and tracklist for the Placement EP, below.

A1 Tape Burn
A2 Placement
B1 What We Know
B2 Tail Ender