Minimal Legend Robert Hood Releases New M-Plant Records Podcast

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The man almost solely responsible for the minimal techno genre, Robert Hood, has just released a podcast over at EPM Music. Chock full of minimal madness, the 24-track mix features all music from Hood's M-Plant label, and celebrates the release of his single "Alpha" b/w "Omega (End Times)," which was just released. Check the podcast tracklist below.


1/ Strativarius (The Puppeteer)
2/ Dark Room
3/ The Pace
4/ Superman
5/ i
6/ Metronome (B side)
7/ Hard To Kill
8/ Teflon
9/ Obey
10/ Stereotype (track 1)
11/ Externus Oblique
12/ The Protein Valve (A side, track 3)
13/ untitled
14/ Untitled 5 (A side, track 2)
15/ Grey Matter
16/ Realm (Monobox)
17/ Population
18/ untitled 1
19/ Alpha
20/ Range
21/ Museum
22/ SH-101
23/ The Greatest Dancer
24/ Omega (End Times)