Mister Cartoon Introduces His Second Lost Angel Toy

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L.A. veteran and in-demand tattoo artist Mister Cartoon boasts an impressive resume: sick tats for Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé, his own version of the T-Mobile Sidekick, designs for the Grand Theft Auto videogame series, and his own Air Force 1 sneakers. Now, Cartoon introduces the second toy in his Lost Angel figurine series, along with a coinciding graphic novel entitled The Lost Angel, Skid Row Stories, Vol. 1.

This second Lost Angel doll is “on a Mexican pride trip,” says Cartoon. “He’s a street superhero.” Available at boutiques like Kid Robot, this little guy comes packaged with his own T-Mobile Sidekick, removable Nike Cortez and Air Force 1 sneakers, a boombox, and of course, a bounty of Cartoon’s unique tattoo work.

The graphic novel revolves around a Japanese kid obsessed with L.A. culture who gets into a gang of trouble. Who will save the day? Cartoon’s “Street superhero,” the Lost Angel, that’s who. Hollywood and East L.A. are stoked.

The Lost Angel doll and novel are available July 14, 2007. For more artwork and up-to-date details check out the Mister Cartoon site