Mosca Details Return to Not So Much

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Since inaugurating the Night Slugs imprint with its first release in 2010, Mosca has issued 12"s for outlets like Numbers, Hypercolour, and Martyn's 3024 imprint, never releasing on the same label twice. That looks set to change, however, with his upcoming "The Greyhounds" b/w "Clinical Trial" single, which will see him return to his own Not So Much label following the No Splice No Playback EP, released earlier this year. While the London-based DJ/producer's output has previously ranged from UK garage and funky to dub, this latest effort reportedly falls somewhere in between house and techno, with a-side opener "Greyhounds" described as "a dubby, rolling thing with an indulgent breakdown" that Mosca thought about scrapping, but saved because "the crowds I played it to seemed happy, and I've wanted to use those strings for 11 years now." On the flip, "Clinical Trial" caters to "basement clubs, dust and metal and tape."

Mosca's "The Greyhounds" b/w "Clinical Trial" will see a vinyl release on September 15, with a digital release to follow on September 29. Artwork can be found below.