Mule Musiq to Release Collaborative Album From Koss, Minilogue, and Sebastian Mullaert

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Japanese minimal techno outpost Mule Musiq has quite the endeavor set to be unveiled at the tail end of 2011, a seven-track collaborative "jam" LP by producers Koss, Minilogue, and Sebastian Mullaert. Called The Möllan Sessions (pictured above), the album is said to be born of "five long days and nights... in a studio where they jammed without any plan in mind." Minilogue says of those recording sessions, "All of us love to be spontaneous, and do things in the moment, so we just hooked up our instruments and started jamming. We threw a dice to see in which tempo the track should be in, so everything was made out of the present moment. No thoughts about how and when, no plans. We just let the music flow through us." The record will be available physically on October 24 and digitally on November 21, but you can check out the full tracklist before then, below.

Disc 1
1. Monday Conversation
2. Hello People of Earth!
3. Thursday; Birth
4. Thursday; Connection
5. Thursday; In Space

Disc 2
1. We’re Remembering Right Now
2. Horizon