Nab Pop Levi's 'Interfunk Express' Mix For World Empire, Inc.

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LA-based jack of all trades Pop Levi sent over this fresh mix of "rare-funk shit" from his personal collection, which he just posted on the website for his World Empire, Inc. label. Over an hour long, the handcrafted DJ set contains classic gems from artists like Afrika Bambaataa, Galaxy, The Velvet Angels, West Coast Crew, J.J. Fad, Chaka, Pop Levi himself, and many others. You can check out the artwork and tracklist for Levi's Interfunk Express mix below, and download the whole thing for free here.

Kiss Kiss - Lumumba
My Love Is Alive - Chaka Khan
Vibe Alive - Herbie Hancock
Sexy Style - Galaxy
Hot Groove - World Empire, Inc.
The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker - Prince
Unread Fantasy - Pop Levi
The Gossip Song - Lipps, Inc.
Scratch Medley - George Clinton
Tender Young Flesh - Bunny Holiday
Okay, Okay Already - World Empire, Inc.
Is It Love? - J.J. Fad
Unity - Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown
Your Love - The Velvet Angels
Naked & Nude - World Empire, Inc.
Isaac Hayes - Ike's Rap VIII
Jealousy - West Coast Crew
Sucker Love - Pop Levi
Big Neck Police - Lee Perry
Mash It The Youth Man, Mash It - Musical Youth
Darkroom - Paulo
Backbone (In It) - World Empire, Inc.
I Am Love - Womack & Womack
Slow Gun Earring - World Empire, Inc.
(I'm A Fish And You're A) Water Sign - Parliament