New At INCITE Online, August 29


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Beach House - Sitting somewhere between ambient and experimental, the album plods along at an ominous pace, accompanied various plucks and bleeps that make a deliciously haunted feel we can't get enough of.

Marshall Watson - He returns to Highpoint Lowlife Records for his second album, carelessly weaving strands of cologne style dub techo, minimal house, avant-pop and shoegaze sensibilities.

Pigeon John - His latest album is a place where slick hip-hop beats meet prose about Taco Bell, Filipino B-girls, drinking beer from a wine glass, listening to JJ Fad, and a jalopy full of self-effacing humor.

Darc Mind - Called "a lost classic" by many, Symptomatic of a Greater Ill almost never saw the light of day thanks to the fall of Loud just before the album's release. anticon steps in to save the day (and the record).

+/- - Amid the genre-hopping, constant key changes, and blatant experimentation with odd rhythms and time signatures, the band remains in perfect synch with one another throughout the album.