New At INCITE Online, Nov 21

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Alberto Feliciano - Armed with a love of improvisational jam sessions and some serious guitar skills, he has worked with numerous artists throughout Germany and Portugal for several years.

Big Sir - Juan Alderete de la Pena (The Mars Volta) and Lisa Papineau (Air, M83) create rock that sometimes strays into jazz and pop territories, much to the music's advantage.

Reynold - Berlin-based Sam Rouanet released his first full-length at the beginning of the month and considered the electronic and jazz combo a soundtrack to his internal thought processes.

John Robinson - He teams up with his alter-ego Lil Sci to make hip-hop gleaming with razor sharp beats and lyrics scribed with poetic acumen.

Eliot Lipp - Steele Street Scraps is a companion to his full-length <i>Tacoma Mockingbird</i> and features work remixed and reworked by Hefty artists John Hughes and Victor Bermon.