New At INCITE Online, Oct. 10

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Mathhead - "Dream Tigers" begins calmly, then explodes into a series of shattered amens and acid drops that, upon listening to, seem equivalent to being pounded against the side of a wall several times before slipping into blissful, half-consciousness.

Skatebård - On his first album, the crooning, off-kilter dance rhythms are married with synths that hint at pop without completely crossing into the genre, and minute to minute of each track remains unpredictable throughout the album.

Sofalofa - Reminiscent of early Plaid or Four Tet, , Bathysphere and Deep-Water Recordings founder Chris Cousin's music makes for glitchy ambience packed with found sounds, subtle breaks, plinking pianos.

Honycut - Quannum Records newcomers Bart Davenport, RV Salters, and Tony Sevener drum up 12 tracks of haunting vocals, looming strings, and catchy guitar riffs on their album The Day I Turned To Glass.

Josef K - They were largely ignored in the early 1980s when they were making music, so thank Domino Records, who unearthed their music and threw together a 22-track compilation called Entomology that showcases their post-punk sound.