New At The XLR8R Podcast DJ Mix Series

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Venezuelan-born Miguel Depedro, aka Kid606, has spent most of his life polishing his tastes and skills in music, which remain so varied there ought to be a picture of him in the dictionary next to the verb genre-bending (as soon as that term makes it into the dictionary). His Tigerbeat6 imprint based in San Francisco reflects this versatility, showcasing electronic, punk, hip-hop, dancehall, bass, jungle, and everything in between. Sample both artist and the label with this latest installment of the XLR8R Podcast DJ Mix Series. iTunes 4.9 or higher recommended.

Track List

1. Machine Drum Feat. Guess "If You Know Your Cockie Bruck Dung"
2. Kid606 "Good Times"
3. DJ C & Johnny P "Seaga Face Dub Versions"
4. Knifehandchop vs. Modeselektor "Barbelon Mix"
5. Kid606 "Seaga Face Instrumental"
6. DJ Rupture Feat. Sister Nancy "Little More Oil" (Kid606 Remix)
7. Kid606 "Spanish Song"
8. Ghislain Poirier Feat. Mr. Lee G "Dem Nah Like Me"
9. Phon.o "Talphoon"
10. Kid606 "Wicked Bonus Beats"
11. Original Hamster "More And More" (Panico Remix)
12. Kid606 "Chickenfight"
13. Drop The Lime/Wayne Lonesome "Tribute To Tiger" (Grumpy Mix)
14. CLAWS "C.L.A.W.S." (Theme Version)
15. dDAmage "Ink 808" (DJ Ai Remix)
16. Drop The Lime "E-Lock" (Gully Dub Mix)
17. Drop The Lime "Glass Eyes" (Soft Pink Truth Remix)
18 Com.A. vs. Team Doyobi "Thick Wee And The Zombulonic Swervo.Mix
19. DAT Politics "Motor Day"
20. Kid606 "Tag Your It Sarah"
21. Luke's Anger "Dirty On The Floor"
22. Drop The Lime "Creepy Crawler"
23. Kid606 "Take It From Me 00 Mix"