Northern Electronics to Release Isorinne LP

'Speechless Malison' LP will land on December 11.
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Abdulla Rashim and Varg's Northern Electronics will release a new LP from IsorinneSpeechless Malison.

The 10-track LP will be Isorinne's second on the Swedish label, following 2016's Echoic Memoir.

The Swedish producer has participated in other projects for the imprint, including records with Varg as D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. and another collaborative project called Bandhagens Musikförening. It will be the label's last release of the year.

The label describes the release as "exhausted rather than restrained."


01. 9:21
02. 3:29
03. 4:05
04. 4:55
05. 3:08
06. 5:45
07. 5:00
08. 5:18
09. 5:59
10. 2:56

Speechless Malison will land on December 11, with "4:55" streaming in full below.