Oneohtrix Point Never and Tigercity Team Up to Release Debut EP This November as Games

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We've been following the work coming from the side project of Oneohtrix Point Never's Daniel Lopatin and Joel Ford of Tigercity, Games, for a good while now (you can find those tunes here and here), so we're pretty excited to hear about the Brooklyn production duo's debut EP finally surfacing this fall. That We Can Play is a six-track release set to drop on November 2 via Hippos in Tanks, and features four original songs and two remixes from Gatekeeper and Games itself. On the creation of the forthcoming debut, Games collectively says, "Most of the tracks on the EP were recorded with all outboard, secondhand vintage synths and sequencers, using only a single stereo Pro Tools track. [We] did everything bedroom style—most of the EP was made during a period of time while [we] were squatting at [our] future apartment with no heat or hot water." So, apparently, That We Play is a serious labor of love. You can check out the artwork and tracklist below.

1. Strawberry Skies
2. Midi Drift
3. Planet Party
4. Shadows In Bloom
5. It Was Never Meant To Be (Games Remix)
6. Strawberry Skies (Gatekeeper Remix)