Le Temps Perdu Shares a Twisted Cut From Von Party

The Lithuanian label preps a compilation from Opium Club, featuring cuts from Kris Baha, Autarkic, Sebastian Voigt, and Theus Mago (a.k.a. Bufi), among others.
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On April 27, Le Temps Perdu will release Opium Of The People, a showcase of the sounds and artists who have shaped the notorious Vilnius-based Opium Club.

The compilation, which features a mix of post-disco, warped house, and wave-influenced techno, was conceived and compiled by Opium's head of programming Vidmantas "V" Cepkauskas, who also provides an original cut on the compilation and a remix to a track by local hero Manfredas. Outside of his own work, V has enlisted a collection of tracks from artists close to the club, featuring work by Von Party, Kris Baha, Vilnius natives Siaubas and Pletnev, Dreems, Capablanca, La Mverte, Sharif Laffrey, Russian trio Plungebird x Beard in Dust, Lauer, Autarkic, and Sebastian Voigt and Theus Mago.

Opium Of The People will be released on vinyl and digitally—with the former including a bonus cut by Sharif Laffrey—on April 27. Ahead of that release, you can stream Von Party's deep and twisted "Pretty Vape Machine" via the player below.