Oval Readies New Album

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Veteran experimental producer Markus Popp (a.k.a. Oval) has a new multimedia album on the way via German imprint Shitkatapult. Entitled OvalDNA and originally conceived as something that would be released before last year's O—which happened to be the first Oval LP in nearly a decade—the record has been expanded into a two-part release. The first is a retrospective spanning the entirety of Oval's lengthy career that also includes 12 previously unreleased tracks, while the second is a DVD that consists of, among other things, 10 bonus tracks, a documentary, a music video for the song "Glass UFO," a 20-page booklet created by Popp and artist David Troop, and over 2,000 individual AIFF sound files taken from past Oval productions. OvalDNA won't be released until November 25, but the artwork and complete tracklisting are below, along with preview clips of both discs. (via Resident Advisor)

01 Quito
02 Kasino
03 Tweakk
04 Australasia
05 Credit Line
06 Mare Fax
07 Heroci
08 Octaeder 0.2
09 70 kino
10 Alpen
11 Mersey
12 In + Love
13 Stealth
14 Gegenlese]
15 Savvy
16 Eigentlichen 2.0
17 Doku_Drama
18 Breeno
19 I
20 Flageo
21 Whypunkt
22 Instantan 1+2
23 Pockyrocky
24 IV
25 Op


Bonus Tracks:
01 Esigh
02 Excel M
03 II
04 I
05 Glass UFO
06 II(2)
07 Story Mode
08 Latvia
09 III
10 Inwending