P. Morris Launches Interactive Site for 'Beloved'

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Marking the arrival of his latest effort, the six-track Beloved EP (artwork above), P. Morris has launched an interactive website which pairs users "with a friend, enabling their cameras and offering a chat client to experience Beloved together." In a press release, the record is said to chronicle "the journey of an individual through the ups and downs of life together with a partner," and in that spirit, P. Morris has teamed up with designers Ryder Ripps and OKFocus to create a website where users can hear the producer's new moody, R&B-soaked record in full while connected to another listener via their webcams and a chat client (think of it as a creative reworking of Chat Roulette, tied to a specific EP).

To take part in Beloved's interactive experience and listen to the whole EP with a "partner," head here. Those in search of more traditional means can stream—and purchase—the full effort via Bear Club's Bandcamp page, here.