Phon.o Shares Video for New Track from Upcoming 50 Weapons EP

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Berlin producer Phon.o will return to the Modeselektor helmed 50 Weapons imprint next week with Cracking Space Pt. 2, the second EP in a series dedicated to digging through the "deeper end of dance music." Pulled from the three-track effort is "Whi5tleblower," a dense, booming cut which has received a fittingly dark video treatment.

While its title is in part a reference to famed NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Phon.o's production here is a finely detailed effort, one which brings together brooding atmospheres and deep, swelling chords atop a continuous series of rugged rhythmic structures. The track's accompanying video focuses on a series of morphing geometric shapes, the complex angles and configurations of which move along with the music, as do the darkened shades of grey and green which stretch across the three-dimensional surfaces. Created by visual artist and designer Christian Korndörfer, the full video for "Whi5tleblower" can be watched below before Cracking Space Pt. 2 sees an official release on June 6.