Planet E to Release New Paul Woolford EP Next Week

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Intimacy Records label head and Leeds-reared techno mainstay Paul Woolford is set to drop an EP on Carl Craig's Planet E imprint. Woolford's first record for the label will usher in a new era of releases for Planet E from the likes of Reference, Ezana Harris, Urban Tribe, and many more. Out May 24, this two-track single fits in sonic unison with the techno powerhouse's back catalog, each track belting out 303 melodies and heavy rhythms. "Achilles" feels like an archetypal Planet E track, as driving kicks punch through the low-end and a rolled-off acid arpeggio slowly builds over the track's hefty seven minutes. "Razor Burn" is pushed by thick tribal rhythms, swaddled in filter-delayed synths that build to a squelchy acid lead before dropping back into the main rhythm. You can preview an edit of "Achilles" while you check out the artwork and tracklist below, and grab the EP when it hits stores and digital retailers on May 24.

1. Achilles
2. Razor Burn