Planet Mu Keeps It Diverse With Two New Releases

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Planet Mu has always carried a roster of tuneful yet disparate sounds, but the London label's two newest releases show this curatorial ethos going to the next level. First up is the latest effort from Kuedo, better known as Jamie from (sadly defunct) dubstep heroes Vex'd. Continuing in the same vein as his former collaboration, the Starfox EP features four tracks of complex yet dancefloor-friendly beats. In contrast, the label's next release comes from The Internal Tulips, a California-based project (so shady they don't even have a MySpace!) revolving around a healthy obsession with the Kranky Records catalog, with a bit of Akron/Family thrown in for good measure. The group prominently features Brad Laner, formerly of seminal alternative band Medicine. Tracklistings after the jump!

Kuedo's Starfox EP comes out January 22. Details on the The Internal Tulips record remain hushed.

Kuedo Starfox EP Tracklisting:

1. Starfox
2. Glow
3. Shutter Light Girl
4. Joy Construction

The Internal Tulips mislead into a field by a deformed deer Tracklisting:

1. 1/2 retarded tuner of hurricanes
2. bee calmed
3. 9 tomorrows
4. arlie
5. dead arm blues #b150
6. talking hoshkazi blues
7. mr. baby
8. songbird
9. parasol
10. fixed confidence
11. long thin heart
12. invalid terrace
13. we breathe