Planet Mu To Release Debut LP From Kuedo

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Kuedo (the solo moniker of Jamie Teasdale, formerly of the duo Vex'd) will release his debut full-length on the London label which seems to never sleep, Planet Mu. Severant, which is slated to hit the streets October 17, is said to find the now-Berlin-based artist exploring a futurist theme via his introspective productions, incorporating touches of modern UK bass, the ambient synthscapes of Vangelis and Tangerine Dream, and the rhythmic influences of juke and "coke rap" to yield a diverse sonic offering. Fortunately, to make sense of what that all means, Planet Mu has provided a streaming preview with snippets of all 14 of the LP's tracks, which you can listen to here after peeping the artwork and tracklist below.


01 Visioning Shared Tomorrow
02 Ant City
03 Whisper Fate
04 Onset (Escapism)
05 Scissors
06 Truth Flood
07 Reality Drift
08 Ascension Phase
09 Salt Lake Cuts
10 Seeing the Edges
11 Flight Path
12 Shutter Light Girl
13 Vectoral
14 As We Lie Promising