Pom Pom Next on Ostgut Ton

'Untitled' EP will land on April 13.
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Ostgut Ton will release a new EP from Pom Pom—the mysterious techno outfit's first appearance on someone else's label.

For over 15 years, Pom Pom have been releasing techno 12"s and CDs in a staple black sleeve carrying with zero information as to their identity or work. They'll now release a five-track EP, titled Untitled, on Ostgut Ton, once again without any further details, barring a release date.

It will be the Berghain-affiliated label's first release since Somewhen's AFL, which landed in February.


A1. Untitled 1
A2. Untitled 2
B1. Untitled 3
B2. Untitled 4
B3. Untitled 5

Untitled EP will be released by Ostgut Ton in 12" and digital formats on 13 April, with "Untitled 2” and “Untitled 3" streaming below via The Wire.