PostPrior Releases Touched Pilot EP


Also known as Ben Mullins and Michael Kuzmanovski of the now-defunct electro-rock trio Midwest Product, PostPrior's first release, the Touched Pilot EP, hits record store shelves later this month. Although traces of the duo's former project can be heard in the five tracks, the EP shows Mullins and Kuzmanovski at their multi-instrumentalist best, with an array of rock jams peppered by electronic sweeps and bleeps, and some nicely harmonized vocals.

Touched Pilot EP is out November 28, 2006 on Ghostly.
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Fun fact: Kuzmanovski is the descendent of circus acrobats.

Track List

1. Touch The Pilot
2. Sterling and Goulden
3. Titbar
4. Express
5. Climber