Premiere: Hear a New Remix From Skudge

Skudge, ROD, K-Hand, and Emmanuel Top all remix cuts from Ellen Allien 'Nost' LP.
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Back in May, Ellen Allien released her seventh solo LP, Nost.

The album was written as an ode to the music that has been front and center in Allien's two-decade long career, blending her influences from the early days of Berlin techno with her current sound and more future-leaning sonics. Now, as a follow-up, the first set of remixes have arrived, featuring contributions from Skudge, K-Hand, Emmanuel Top, and ROD.

All four artists provide inspired interpretations of two tracks from the album, "Call Me" and "Mind Journey." Emmanuel Top and K-Hand look to "Call Me," with the former providing a tense rework of the cut that sits nicely alongside K-Hand's hypnotic outing. For "Mind Journey," ROD goes for a stripped-back reconfiguration, whereas Skudge focus on deep and chunky grooves for their interpretation.

Nost RMXS (Part 1) will be available on September 1 via BPitch, with Skudge's remix streaming in full via the player below.

Pre-order the full EP here.