Premiere: Hear a Psychedelic Percussion Track From Tel Aviv's Shimshon Miel

'Amsterdam To Nuieba' drops via Fortuna Records on May 18.
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Shimshon Miel - Promo Pictures 1#

The latest release on Fortuna Records arrives from Shimshon Miel.

Shimshon Miel is "a lone-wolf hippie from Tel-Aviv" who self-released his only album in 1977, providing a glimpse into his singular hallucinogenic psych-folk sound. For its latest release, Fortuna pulls two standout cuts from the album to reissue them for the first time, alongside a late-night club edit by Kalbata.

Keeping in tune with the wild '70s psychedelic style of the time, Miel's tracks are trippy, percussive soundscapes unlike anything heard in recent times. On "Amsterdam Experience," layers of percussion tumble around each other across the stereo field in a cosmic haze, while "Nueiba Nueiba" pairs Miel's percussion with haunting guitar lines. On the remix front, Kalbata adds enough 808 sub weight to "Amsterdam Experience" to twist it into a ritualistic club weapon.

Ahead of the release on May 18, you can pre-order Amsterdam To Nuieba here, with "Amsterdam Experience" streaming in full via the player below.