Premiere: Hear a Track from the New Album by Radio Citizen

'The Night & The City" is scheduled for September 18 release via Sonar Kollektiv
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Radio Citizen, the project of Munich based Niko Schabel, has readied an album for Sonar Kollektiv.The Night & The City is an album that seems tailor-made for the label: A melange of genres which deploys live instruments on an equal footing with samples and herewith becomes a highly explosive mixture of latin percussion, funk, poppy dub, moody, folky soul, Afrobeat, ethno-jazz, Bossa Nova, Hiphop und blaxploitation soundtracks.

Schabel's fist two LPs (Berlin Serengeti and Hope And Despair) came out on the San Francisco imprint Ubiquity Recordings and now, five years later, he returns with his combo to the haven of his hometown.

Schabel is a so-called musician's musician who can play anything from woodwinds to keyboards and percussions, as well as of course the MPC sampler by Akai like hardly anyone else. On top of that he apprehends expertly how to work with all kind of different musicians and how to form out of many influences, individual pieces and styles of genres a coherent entity bigger than its separate parts.

Ahead of the EP's September 18 release, "Radio Days" can be streamed in full below.


01. Shores
02. Clouds
03. Radio Days
04. Peace
05. Rise
06. Trip
07. Phone
08. Sleep
09. Last Delight
10. Near and Far
11. Schatten
12. Stars
13. Gute Nacht