Premiere: Stream DJAO's Remixes EP

Sage Caswell, TAPES, yuk., Magical Mistakes, and Philip Grass rework cuts from DJAO's self titled LP.
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Seattle producer and vocalist Alex Osuch (a.k.a. DJAO) released his self-titled LP in October laster year. The album now returns in the form of a remix EP featuring reworks from Sage Caswell, TAPES, yuk., Magical Mistakes, and Philip Grass.

Not being bound by genre, the EP traverses a wide range of sounds, but does so without sounding disjointed. TAPES' beat-driven, melodic remix of “Depressing Jog Ends Well” flows gracefully into the beautiful, atmospheric Magical Mistakes rework of "The Last Time," before hitting more club-focused territory when Philip Grass turns his hand to "Tan Jacket." From there, the EP rolls into Sage Caswell's hazy-house rework of "Foreign Heart," before finishing on yuk.'s lo-fi remix of "Basement."

The DJAO Remix EP can be streamed in full below before it's released as a free download via Dropping Gems on June 23.