Premiere: Stream Steffi's New 12" with Remixes by Further Reductions and Answer Code Request

'JBW25' EP is scheduled for release August 14 via Ostgut Ton
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Having just premiered her first ever live set at various festivals, Steffi revisits her Power Of Anonymity album with three completely new versions of “JBW25” by Further Reductions and Answer Code Request.

Brooklyn-based duo Further Reductions turn Steffi's original “JBW25” upside down and inside out. The original version's hypnotic synth bleeps are still there, but this new version is a stone-cold and arhythmic interpretation with additional vocals.

Berghain resident Answer Code Request contributes two versions to this release. While his “Vision” adds a tough drum beat, percussion and a stronger focus on the ambient textures of the original, his “Revision” is more break-heavy, melodic and dreamy.

Ahead of its August 14 release date, the full JBW25 EP can be streamed in full below.