Premiere: Watch a Documentary on Mexican Artist Collective NAAFI

Native Instruments give an in-depth look at the rising artist collective that is shaping Mexican club culture.
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Today, leading software and hardware developer Native Instruments released a documentary feature on NAAFI—a Mexican artist collective, party promotion crew, and record label.

Starting out as a club night and evolving into a crew of promoters, NAAFI has now expanded into a production family and label, pushing a new sound that is starting to make waves in the larger Mexican music scene and beyond. Providing a glimpse into the rich music and art culture created by NAAFI, the film follows label bosses Tomás Davó, Alberto Bustamante, and Paul Marmota, and a growing list of NAAFI artists including Lao, Imaabs, Smurphy, OMAAR, and Zutzut as they expand their musical language by "combining sound, visual art, and culture with a spirit of pure experimentation."

You can watch the Luis Antonio Delgado directed 'NAAFI - a new wave of club music in Mexico' in full below.

NB Hit the CC button for English subtitles.