Preview D'Marc Cantu's Upcoming EP for Shaddock

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Ann Arbor artist D'Marc Cantu will issue his ZONE 4 EP next week via Barcelona's Shaddock label. Said to present four tracks that have been "carefully thought out, [and] crafted to flow in and out of one another in mood as well as presence," each track from the prolific producer's next effort is intended to "narrate a chapter of the science-fiction tale ZONE 4." A such, the record appears striped with floating textures and space-destined melodies, all of which ride atop steady drum machine rhythms and rounded basslines. "ZONE 4 was the first project that I created as a whole idea," Cantu himself explains in a press release, "It sat for a number of years, shelved until the day that I found a label that would honor it the way I had envisioned."

Set to arrive in stores next week, D'Marc Cantu's forthcoming EP/sci-fi narrative can be previewed below.