NYC's Hip-Hop Fusion Group QNA Show Jazz Roots on 'Karoshi'

QNA's EP, 'XII', is available worldwide February 23.
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NYC's hip-hop fusion group QNA have shared "Karoshi," a second single from the upcoming record, XII.

New York City is known for its once legendary jazz scene, helping cut the teeth of greats like Charlie Parker and Sonny Rollins. While the scene has ebbed and flowed since then, the roots of bebop still linger. From this well-spring, QNA is born.

Comprised of high school friends, lead by MC Supe, the band has a whole cast of players including Marina Espinet (Vocals), Benjamin Chin (Saxophone), TJ Adorno (Keys), Dylan Kaminkow (Bassist), and Marco Gill (Drummer). The band also features a wealth of vocalists and rappers including Bush Tea and more. QNA formed from jam sessions under the moniker People Zoo. Over time, as the grooves tightened, taking shape, the group got more serious about the project and began writing process for their debut EP, XII.

"Karoshi," the Japanese word for "death from overwork," is a seven-minute jam that links to the band's message: to let go of the grind and enjoy the wonders that nurture the soul.It was recorded in The Breeding Room recording studio in New York.


01. G Spot
02. Do It Like
03. Karoshi
04. Golden Hour
05. On Three
06. Grind

QNA's EP, XII, is available worldwide February 23, with "Karoshi" streaming in full below.

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