Randomer Preps New EP for Numbers

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The Glasgow-based Numbers imprint—responsible for recent releases from the likes of Mosca, Jamie XX, and Redinho—is gearing up for its twentieth release, a new EP from London producer Randomer. Featuring three new tracks, the Real Talk EP sees Randomer straying from his roots in garage and jungle towards a more 4/4-oriented sound. "Real Talk" offers the closest Randomer has come to techno, trading complicated rhythmic structure for a bare-bones, hard-hitting approach that wastes no time finding a deep, crunchy bassline to keep things going. Follow-up cuts "Lime Pie" and "Stalker" take a similar approach, toying with shades of acid house and, in the case of the latter, a thunderous drum beat that commands the listener's attention. Below, you'll find the tracklist and previews of the Real Talk EP, which is slated for release on November 28.

1. Real Talk
2. Lime Pie
3. Stalker