Roger Linn Unveils New Compact MIDI Controller

The LinnStrument 128 is available to buy now.
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Roger Linn has released a new MIDI controller.

The LinnStrument 128 is a smaller, more affordable version of his LinnStrument controller (a controller that he put out in 2014, which aimed to give electronic musicians more expressive control over their hard- and software).

Based around a grid of note pads, both controllers offer expressive control within five parameters: strike velocity, pressure, left-right motion, front-back motion and release velocity. So, rather than the regular on/off of a keyboard-style MIDI controller, it is sensitive to the finger's movement in five different ways.

The new model measures up as roughly two thirds of the original size, as well as two thirds of the original price. It is almost exactly the same in terms of features, apart from the size difference, with 128 note pads, as opposed to 200, and the lack of a power input jack (which was deemed unnecessary with the USB power capability).

The LinnStrument 128 is retailing for $999. For more information, head to the Roger Linn site.