Rustie & Jackmaster Share B2B Session from 2005; Hear It Now

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Recorded in 2005, a 100-plus-minute B2B session from Warp affiliate Rustie and Glasgow selector Jackmaster has surfaced. Uploaded to the latter's SoundCloud, Jackmaster describes the mix as "a rough-but-ready reminder of what we were up to 10 years ago," adding that the all-vinyl set was recorded in a "somewhat inebriated" state using "a DJM600 and a couple of 1210s." Jackmaster also explains that "I can't really remember what most of these tunes are called, so requests for IDs may be in vain," though the set does come striped with a number of electro-indebted selections and appears to utilize a handful of cuts from the Drexciya and Dopplereffekt discographies.

Said to be the first of a number of archival recordings Jackmaster plans to share via his SoundCloud, the pair's B2B set can be streamed and downloaded in full below.