Sepalcure's Praveen Sharma Releases Solo LP

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Praveen Sharma has stepped outside of his bass- and house-oriented projects to release 12 Lights, a full-length effort he says is "not dance music at all." The Brooklyn-based producer, who may be best known for his collaborations with Machinedrum (a.k.a. Travis Stewart) as Sepalcure, has also teamed up with Kranky's Benoît Pioulard (a.k.a. Thomas Meluch) under the apt moniker Praveen & Benoît and released lush, bass-heavy house sounds as Braille, but says he's been recording "unashamedly emotive and melancholic" tracks throughout the course of the past three years. 12 Lights, which was available exclusively to members of Ghostly's music service earlier this year, is the sum of those recordings and the first record Praveen has released under his given name since 2005. The album is now available publicly via Brooklyn label Supermartyr; you can preview one its Benoît Pioulard-featuring tracks below.