Serena-Maneesh Ready Second Album, First on 4AD

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Norway's Serena-Maneesh are preparing to release their follow-up to their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album. Entitled S-M 2: Abyss in B Minor, the eight-track album, which was appropriately recorded in a cave on the outskirts of Oslo, marks the quintet's label debut on 4AD, and is said to mesh the seemingly disparate worlds of My Bloody Valentine-inspired shoegaze with the more sinister tones of true Norwegian black metal. It's an interesting and visceral combination to say the very least. The album hits retailers March 23, and its artwork and tracklist are below.

1. Ayisha Abyss
2. I Just Want To See Your Face
3. Reprobate!
4. Melody For Jaana
5. Blow Yr Brains In The Mourning Rain
6. Honeyjinx
7. D.I.W.S.W.T.T.D.
8. Magdalena (Symphony #8)