SFV Acid Readies Debut Album, Shares First Single

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This spring, West Coast producer Zane Reynolds (a.k.a. SFV Acid) will return to UNO NYC for the release of his first full-length album. Called The Dwell, the 14-song album is said to have been recorded throughout various Starbucks locations, with Reynolds using his analog-gear setup on the cafe's tables. The producer described the experience as "a whoopee cushion of an idea," calling his impromptu and undeniably strange studio location "the ultimate comfort zone." Judging by his LP's first single, "Misto" (streaming below), SFV Acid—who appeared in our Bubblin' Up series last fall—seems to have veered a bit from his usual forays into gnarled, acid-touched music, but we'll know whether or not that's just a fluke once UNO NYC drops The Dwell on May 28. Before then, the album's artwork and tracklist can be found below.

1.Dwell Master Infinite
2. Misto
3. PT Sex
4. Devonshire Dwell: New Graceland
5. Mocha
6. 2PART
7. Kludes
8. Mecca_Bucks
9. Money
10. Fresh and Easy
11. Chronicled In C:affeine Headache
12. Sha Day
13. Dwell on 2
14. T.E.M.P gun