Shawn O'Sullivan Announces EP for L.I.E.S. as Vapauteen

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Having just released his AVN011 12" as 400PPM, prolific New York-based producer Shawn O'Sullivan is readying a new EP under his Vapauteen moniker, which will be issued by the equally prolific L.I.E.S. label. O'Sullivan's latest outing is a six-track which finds him drawing a line between the two varying sides of Vapauteen. Its a-side has been described as “unforgiving, modular, slowcore beat electronics,” while the flip is said to explore “power electronics and harsh tone workouts.” The Vapauteen EP is set to drop in late November, but until then, its tracklist and artwork can be viewed below; previews of each track can be heard here. (via Juno Plus)

A1. Drawing Blood From a Stone
A2. Ask the Boss
A3. Basilisk
B1. You’ll Get Used to it
B2. An Unbreakable Bubble
B3. Punish or be Damned