Shifted Preps New LP for Bed of Nails

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Next month, multi-faceted UK producer Shifted will issue his Under a Single Banner LP, the first full-length to arrive via Dominick Fernow's (a.k.a. Vatican Shadow/Prurient) Bed of Nails imprint. The nine-track album is said to take shape as a "lucid re-imagining of techno, starting off from the toughened, purist templates… and stretching out into more textured, sometimes noisy, often introverted, and melancholy signatures." Considering the man's rather prolific and varied streak under his Shifted alias and various other handles—such as Covered in Sand, Pacific Blue and Alexander Lewis—wherever Under a Single Banner ends up sonically, it's likely to discover new and surprising territory. The producer's forthcoming LP is set to drop on November 25, but before then, its artwork and tracklist are included below.

01 Core Of Stone
02 Chrome, Canopy & Bursting Heart
03 Suspended Inside
04 Under A Single Banner
05 Burning Tyres
06 Pulse Incomplete
07 Contract 0
08 Story Of Aurea
09 Wash Over Me