Shifted Preps Two-Part EP for Avian

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Multi-faceted UK producer Shifted will issue Arrangements in Monochrome through his own Avian label next month. While the two-part EP was not originally conceived as a full-length work, a press release suggests that parts One and Two be viewed as a single entity, with Brewer adding that both serve as an addendum to Under a Single Banner—his last release under the Shifted alias, which was issued through Dominick Fernow's Bed of Nails imprint last November. "I was very happy with that record but always felt that perhaps there were some things left unsaid," he says. "The technical process involved this time around was quite different, but it shares a lot of the same colors and textures."

Arrangements in Monochrome arrives on December 1, and while no previews have been shared as of yet, both EPs' tracklists and artwork (created by Jesse Draxler) have been posted below.

Part One
A1 You're a Replacement
A2 Arrangement in Monochrome I
B1 6ft Of Silence
B2 The Velvet Rope


Part Two
A1 The Incoherent
A2 Arrangement in Monochrome II
A3 Second Wash
B1 Entartung
B2 Lénine