Shine 2009 Releases "So Free (feat. Paula Abdul)" Via Cascine

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First of all, yes, you are reading that headline correctly; Paula Abdul has officially made it onto (she must be so excited). Secondly, the famous pop star makes a surprise appearance on the brand-new single by Finnish duo Shine 2009, "So Free" (pictured above), which was just released by the burgeoning Cascine label. The vintage-minded synth-pop outfit's new song—which was apparently inspired by "long taxi rides, the end of a sharp winter, and doing things differently"—comes from its forthcoming debut full-length, Realism (out on May 3). You can stream Shine 2009's "So Free," watch a fuzzy, VHS-shot video of the pair playing their single (sans Paula), and check out the LP's tracklist, below.

1. Graduation
2. So Free (feat. Paula Abdul)
3. Public Exposure
4. One
5. Realism
6. New Rules
7. World
8. Naturally
9. Modern Times